NIJI SONG Hand Crafted Accessoires​

"Accessorised by nature, hand crafted designs by NIJI SONG"

NIJI SONG, born and handcrafted in London, is an accessory brand realised by Niji Song. She recreates and transforms knots, using traditional Korean and Japanese techniques, into fresh and sophisticated accessories.

Inspired by nature, her works are mainly sourced from natural materials such as silk, cotton, fresh water pearls and genuine leather.
For the new spring/summer 2013 collection, she experiments with satin and metallic cord.


She has collaborated with happie loves it boutique in Covent Garden, London in 2013 and featured with many artists, musicians around the world.

About Niji Song

Niji was born in Korea and raised in Japan. She spent her college days in Seoul, Atlanta and London.
Niji likes to make something by hands and spend a day in searching something new.



NIJI SONGアクセサリーは、古き良き伝統をリスペクトしつつ、

ロンドンのデザイナーズブティックhappie loves itとのコラボレーションや、

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